Relax Videos

Beautiful nature videos for you to take your mind of casual things and relax

  • Videos of nature beauty
  • Calming music
  • Different categories
  • Videos are looped

Everybody knows that spending time in nature allows your mind and body to fully relax and helps you to cope with stress more easily. However in today's pace of life many of us don't have such possibility to calm ourselves down and to relax regularly on the river bank or sea shore.

To stop your stress and fatigue from accumulating we created this app where you will observe videos of beautiful nature elements accompanied by pleasant instrumental music. You may want to have some rest in flower garden or watching the campfire or waterfall. With Relax Videos all these things are possible.

Videos are divided by cathegories to make the navigation quite simple.
The following videos are available:
-animals: funny dogs, adorable cats, monkeys, horses, tenants of the wood and even cute porcupine!
-sea panoramas
-rainy weather
-park and forest scenery
-candle flames
-dawn and sunset views

Videos are looped, so you may enjoy them literally endlessly!
Regular usage of this application will improve your ability to concentrate, make your sleep deeper and keep you in a great mood!