Blisp Pixel

Use wide range of tools to create your own pixel art and become a true artist

  • Make your own pixel art
  • Great choise of instruments
  • Save your images
  • Share your art with the world

Blisp Pixel Painting app is designed to help you create pictures in Pixel Art style. With our application you will feel like a true artist. The instrumentation is highly customizable and provides all the necessary functions for your convenience. Hit the start button and start making your own masterpiece.

- In Settings menu on the start page you can choose the size of canvas. Pick from existing or create your own.
- The button with brush on the drawing canvas shows and hides the menu. It can be moved across the canvas in order not to hinder the drawing process.
- Pinch and zoom image to get better drawing experience.
- Pick any color from color palette.
- Use an eraser if you need to change something.
- You can also set a background color.
- Save your pictures to gallery. Once they are saved, you can edit or delete them.
- Share your art with your friends through social network and messengers.